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“Doing it right!” Awards

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Posted by Julie on 24 May 10 - 0 Comments

TargetTarget®.  So much written about them.  Every shopping trip offers surprise and delight.  The store experience details plus the amazing and well designed merch.

Makers MarkMakers Mark®.  Full disclosure – I am a MM ambassador.  Best brand evangelist communications plan.  An “11”.  Look & feel, voice, frequency, surprises, coolness.  Bill Samuels, Jr and Emily could write the book on how to engage your evangelists with authenticity.

Trader Joe'sTrader Joe’s.  They know their customers expect surprises on each visit, at great value and a casual, competent store.  They deliver.

Colbert ReportStephen Colbert.  He changed the rules about sponsorship as his fans(the Colbert Nation) donated $300K for US Olympic speed skating.

Mr Clean Car WashMr. Clean Car Wash and Tide Dry Cleaning – great leverage of top brands into large service categories.

Tide Dry Cleaners

Whole FoodsWhole Foods – leveraging the locavore trend; sponsoring free movie showings of sustainable food leaders and practices.  Way to share something relevant with your peeps.

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