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I’m posting to say thanks and congrats to the 1st Bank leadership. Thanks for hiring wonderful folks at your branches and customer service lines.  Highly competent, professional and pleasant. Thanks for being a responsible banker and being smart about risk. Congrats on the great advertising.  Most of the time. You continue to delight with your […]

Sticker Shock!

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Wow – UPCs on individual produce items?  Just when I was mastering the codes that 4011 is bananas and 4133 is gala apples…. If you expect me to check myself out (self checkout exploding everywhere), can you please make the 4 digit produce codes legible without having to get out a magnifying glass?  The scan […]

Let’s Collaborate!

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Posted by Julie on 13 Jun 10 - 1 Comment

I concur with Seth Godin’s post, “Organizing the Unorganized”, from June 6, 2010. I am delighted and proud to work with a range of talented marketing pros who are ‘best in class’, who possess expertise and experience, plus the creativity and smart strategic thinking to deliver significant value to clients. I guess that my “free […]

Kleenex® fights germs with fun designs!

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Posted by Julie on 12 Jun 10 - 2 Comments

My initial post was to highlight the great Kleenex tissue box designs over the years and the new Anti-viral Kleenex® tissue boxes with colorful germs.  Cute enough to place in every room.  Much more fun that the traditional designs. Then, I got to looking around the Kleenex site  to check out other designs and new […]

Don’t shop with me at Whole Foods, since I take so long.  I look for package designs that don’t seem over-designed, or committee-designed with waaaay too much communication – and thus no thought clarity.  Walking the aisles recently, I came across Cucina Fresca fresh pasta and sauces.  Started by chef Brad Glaberson of Seattle, he […]

New Carey MBA Program from Hopkins looks promising

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John Hopkins Business School Their home page claims their mission:  “Developing innovative leaders who think critically, have a global perspective, embrace diversity and make business decisions with humanity in mind. The charter class enters in fall 2010.” According to Business Week, “The Carey School is seeking to distinguish itself by designing a curriculum that will […]

What Chief Executives Really Want

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A survey from IBM’s Institute for Business Value shows that CEOs value one leadership competency above all others. Can you guess what it is? According to a new survey of 1,500 chief executives conducted by IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBM), CEOs identify “creativity” as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of […]

The Ford Fiesta Movement – looks like meaningful brand engagement!

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I stumbled upon what looked like a live interview with the Ford Fiesta Movement Houston team and highlighted the mural they co-created which represents their favorite Houston doin’s.  It appeared on Current TV, which was a smart media placement to reach their hipster, edgy, artsy target.  If it was pretaped, it looked good, with an […]