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An off the beaten track post.  Feeling like life is good when you stumble upon a Simpsons repeat you’ve never seen.  Just saw Ep 19-14 and it’s outstanding.  Further, it’s one of the very few occasions you can see ‘bad Lisa’, and that’s quite surprising.  Here’s some spoiler facts, and a link to watch it.  […]

Darrell, the Walmart “Mr. Rollback” dude who speaks to the camera showing off great deals, is the real deal! He is so believable and friendly.  Great casting.  I’d like to meet him.  Finally confirmed he is the real deal.  Might have to make a field trip to his home store!  How about a contest for […]

Celebrate the Multi-Tasker!

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I LOVED Jorge’s name tag and had to share it.  Meet Mr. Multi-Tasker.  He picked his own title for his name badge, and I appreciate that he embraces his role and does it well.  So refreshing and brilliant.  We need more folks like him.  My personal title has evolved to “Brand Poobah”.  What’s yours?