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Lexus, you have missed your golden opportunity.

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Posted by Julie on 22 Aug 11 - 0 Comments

Lexus Commercial Screen ShotHere’s the first 20 seconds of voiceover from 3 current Lexus TV spots.

“Imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place.”

“The best selling novel you never wrote.    The exotic vacation you never took.  The front row tickets you never got.  The lucrative investment you missed out.  The winning horse.  That old flame you should have called.  The leap of faith you never took.  The race of your life  you never ran.  The trip around the world you never took.”

OK, so you hear that and see strong visuals.  You are hardly in the mental state for a positive view of whoever reminded you of your missed opportunities.

And, I don’t think buying a Lexus will make me feel any better about my failings in life.  Hello Lexus, how about you congratulate me on being my best self and taking advantage of opportunities in front of me.  Let that be your segue into your Golden Opportunity Sales Event.

It’s always a challenge to have effective brand communication when there’s negative context.  The brain registers the negative information, so it’s near impossible to counter that in 5 to 10 seconds.

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