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Smart brand alignment

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Posted by Julie on 27 Nov 11 - 0 Comments

smart carCheck out the new smart car campaign playing on Sundance channel.  The Sundance channel viewers and programming celebrate individuality and unique points of view.  These 2 brands share several characteristics, including authenticity, individuality, quirkiness and passion.

What a perfect pairing for smart car to place mini docs of smart car owners.  The full minute profile of Dan Katz features his ‘favorite things’ – which of course includes his smart car.  Other owners (and their smart car love) are profiled on their excellent community site for their passionate fans to connect with each other.

Bottom line, it’s exciting to see a message well placed to hit their proper audience with a relevant and compelling message.  Smart car understands their buyer and where to find them.  Calling their buyers ‘smart’ is one of many smart things they do.

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