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Merry Merry Maker’s Mark®!

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Posted by Julie on 11 Dec 11 - 0 Comments

Maker’s Mark® brand, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

I’ve been a Maker’s Mark Ambassador since the program began in 2005.  Besides being delicious, I’ve long admired the Maker’s brand and their Ambassador evangelist program, where the brand communication is flawless.

They surprise and delight me all the time.  Over the last several years, they have sent holiday treats.  Patterned gift wrap and bottle bags.  Round ice cube trays for the perfect cocktail.  Bar glasses dipped in red was.  Drink stirrers.

This year took the cake.  Just seeing the return address from Loretto KY got me excited.  Then to see the bottle sweater with Maker’s sewn in.  How cool is that!!  Of course, I immediately poured myself a glass and tried the sweater on.  Sat outside on my sunny back patio and built a snowman pal for my happy bottle.

The next day, I was at the home of fellow Ambassadors Tiffany and Rick Beach and was envious they had TWO sweaters – had to take that pic too and share it.

Merry Christmas and Enjoy your Eggnog….with Maker’s of course.


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