Focus Group of 1 - Observations from The Brand Poobah

Ace has done a good job to differentiate itself from the big box competitors and delivers on helpfulness above others (see their commercials on YouTube).

OPI Paint BannerNow, they have added another strong differentiator to the important paint department.  Their partnership to leverage the colors of OPI nail polish is brilliant.  Ace understands that women make the paint color decisions at home.  There are solid reasons to link these brands – similar emotional language around self-expression and passion whether it be on nails or walls.  Similar adjectives arise into the decision process, where both decisions seek to capture some luxury, freshness, boldness and daring.

And, even if folks only purchase less bold colors, they are received the message loud and clear:  Ace’s Clark & Kensington brand has bold and interesting colors, and appreciates my desire to express myself on my home walls. Their clever-ness impresses me and makes me want to seek out an ACE Hardware location for my next paint purchase, or any color!

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