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Kudos to Crestor Marketing and Agency Team!

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Posted by Julie on 17 Jul 14 - 0 Comments

I have long admired the CRESTOR commercial – now commercialS.  I’m amused at the web postings about folks hating these spots.  Sure, they may be silly, but man do they break through!  These stand out very meaningfully amongst the overwhelming clutter of made up names for assorted CRESTOR Dadpills, most of which I don’t even know what the hell they are for, even after watching a 60 second commercial.

Crestor features an approachable and loveable husband and dad who is fan-crazed over Crestor.  Their brand name and core brand colors are on screen virtually the entire length of the spots.  It’s fun and entertaining to watch ‘Joe’ go crazy for Crestor.  I watch it each and every time and enjoy it.  The visuals are so engaging, that I don’t even hear the cheery voiceover warning me of any side effects!

Ask me to name as many pharmaceuticals as I can recall  – and Crestor tops the very short list.

Big Pharma industry spends over $4 billion annually on advertising directed to consumers (“ask your doctor”).  And, I can barely remember any names, even though I am part of the boomer target market.  That couple who takes the camper trip out west…seen it dozens of times…cannot recall what it’s for, but I remember the Arizona highway map in bed, the rain bringing the man inside, the beautiful vistas, the cute golden retriever.  And what about that long spot with the guy at the outdoor cookout in the country?!  I remember his green salad dinner at the picnic table and the group around the campfire later.  Lots of folks smiling for no apparent reason and I still don’t know the product.

Talk about expensive spots to produce – big location shot for the camping pair and lots of talent fees for the guy at the cookout.  And I cannot tell you what is the product and what the heck is it for, even when I try to pay close attention.  Yes, I am trying to understand, but all I hear is side effects alerts and am distracted by a story I don’t understand.  And the logo and name shows up only at the end.

This agency (Publicis?) has taken the permanent client cliche wish to “make the logo bigger/more prominent” to new heights and it works!

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