Here’s a starting list of great reads. Be inspired.

Brilliant Books

Inspiring Books – I recommend these authors and books for their ability to illuminate and inspire. Mostly about creativity, marketing, innovation, mastery, being personally authentic. I admire these thought-leading authors. I also find inspiration in many books about art, artistic expression, the creative process. I’ll add to the list later.

These and other books inspire me to live more playfully, more true to me. As Craig Ferguson suggests, if he is willing to risk derision, so am I. And, to strive to be remarkable. These authors inspire to hold bigger dreams and visions for how I may serve.

Dan Pink

Check out his TED talk about his book “Drive” on his site. I’ve been a fan of Dan’s insights for years and had to pleasure to meet him at his presentation at IDEO in Palo Alto a few years ago.

  • “Drive”
  • “Johnny Bunko”
  • “A Whole New Mind”
  • “Free Agent Nation”

Seth Godin

Seth has written many books and all offer great ideas to grow your business. “Purple Cow” was written in 2002 and still provides lessons and inspiration. Start with this one.

  • “Linchpin: Are you Indispensible?”
  • “Tribes”
  • “Small is the new Big”
  • “Purple Cow”
  • “Permission Marketing”
  • And several others

Malcolm Gladwell

  • “The Tipping Point”
  • “Outliers”
  • “Blink”

Chris Brogan

  • “Trust Agents”

Brenda Ueland

Craig Ferguson

Alan Webber

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has contributed pioneering work to our understanding of happiness, creativity, human fulfillment and the notion of “flow” — a state of heightened focus and immersion in activities such as art, play and work. Some of his books:

  • “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”
  • “Beyond Boredom and Anxiety: Experiencing Flow in Work and Play”
  • “Creativity : Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention”
  • “Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement With Everyday Life”