Brand Consulting: Achieve your brand’s potential by providing expertise and action throughout the entire brand marketing process.

  • Create a new brand from market assessment to targeting and positioning options to recommendations.  Develop strategy and tactic recommendations for all elements of the launch and marketing plan
  • Gather consumer insights via appropriate research and analysis, and recommend actions
  • Deliver strategic, comprehensive, integrated marketing plans
  • Create and launch new products or extensions to draw in new brand buyers, drive loyalty/frequency and expand presence
  • Refine targeting and all messaging to better engage brand evangelists
  • Develop branding platform and lead look and feel development thru implementation across all touchpoints
  • Identify organizational and resource implications to propel these ideas forward

Leading brands encompass the following growth tenets:

  • Bold – They stand for something and they matter to someone
  • Relevant – They deliver messaging and products consistent with who they are, and are relevant to their customers; they deliver these where their customers expect them
  • Authentic – They are real, transparent and approachable
  • Novel –  They are differentiated in the marketplace by offering something unique and special, while having a consistent look and feel across multiple elements and touchpoints
  • Desired – They are sought after by the consumer, generating a price premium which delivers more profits than the competition
  • Insightful.  They understand their consumers/peeps and respect them. They understand who they are and why they matter
  • Smart.  They spend limited resources effectively and efficiently

JKB’s strategies and plans will make your brand strong and deliver against these tenets.